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Rated 3 out of 5
April 2, 2021

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Eric Jones

Navigating Consent

Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2020

I loved the workshop Navigating Consent. It was well thought through, lots of information and examples, a downloadable handout, contagious teamwork-energy between RK and TPO, good time management and very nuanced and inclusive. After watching the workshop I felt more empowered both in my knowledge and lived experiences.
And a special compliment and thanks to RK for sharing their way of taking care of their own well-being, while simultaneously being genuinely present with the topic and their audience. Seeing that helps me better navigate similar situations in my personal life. Thank you!


Navigating Consent

Rated 5 out of 5
July 31, 2020

The information and approach to teaching such sensitive topics was thoughtful, intentional, compassionate, and heartfelt. I sincerely enjoyed every minute and loved the focus on healing and growth, with the many ways to best approach that. I learned a great deal and look forward to many more classes.

Desired Restraint

Online classes are awesome!!! <3

Rated 5 out of 5
June 11, 2020

I’ve attended the self-care and the hit me harder webinars by RK and TPO so far, and they were so informative, useful, and interactive with each other! I’m fairly new so getting some insight and ideas is really important for me. I can’t wait to watch and learn more! I completely recommend!


Charming both virtually and IRL

Rated 5 out of 5
June 8, 2020

I attended Hit me Harder in-person when I first entered the public kink scene and loved and connected with the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and patience RK and TPO shared during the class. A friend and I registered for the in-person Self-care and Aftercare class right before SIP went into effect and I was so sad it had to be canceled, but ecstatic when I saw it was then being offered online! RK and TPO were just as engaging, fun, thoughtful, and conscientious in their online presence as they were in real life. I highly recommend their classes and can’t wait to attend Speaking from the Bottom!


Loved Speaking from the Bottom

Rated 5 out of 5
February 29, 2020

It gave me some tips and tools to help open communication for me and my partner. I loved RK’s enthusiasm and warm, sweet demeanor as they present the class. You rock!!!


Best Christmas Gift Ever

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2020

My partner recently surprised me with a private “Speaking from the Bottom” workshop with RK and TPO. What a gift!! RK is engaging, well-read, and clearly puts a lot of effort into curating the workshop material. They were a wonderful listener. They taught me some top-shelf phrases and practices to communicate my needs to my Dominant partner. They managed to be totally empathetic to my kinky questions AND totally professional at the same time — not an easy thing to do!
TPO was gracious and respectful, full of excellent advice and real-life examples that contributed harmoniously to the class content. Together, RK and TPO are what we like to call a Level 10, Red-Belt, Power Couple. Their dynamic is enchanting, inspiring, and sexy. Three cheers, and 10/10!


Welcoming intro to rope!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 13, 2020

I was fortunate enough to have RK referred to me by a good friend because of my interest in rope bottoming. I expressed what I was looking for and after scheduling a session RK was very welcoming when I arrived. They provided a lot of really important, useful information about rope safety and answered all of my questions. Despite my initial nervousness RK made me feel completely comfortable and once they performed a few ties on me I felt great about the overall experience! RK has a warm, delightful energy that carries into their professionalism. I hope to schedule something in the future, Many thanks!


Perfection In Private Consult

Rated 5 out of 5
December 18, 2019

I had the opportunity to speak with RK for a private consultation and they could not have been more helpful; they provided a safe space to ask questions, learn and feel openly without judgement or ridicule. We covered multiple, personal topics as well creating an outline to better navigate relationships (kinky, open, poly and ending). Their information and input were so helpful, it made my Dark Odyssey weekend one of triumph and healing as they continuously provided their support. I couldn’t be more grateful, nor can I reccomend them enough for a one on one consult. If you need a safe, informative individual with the knowledge and experience to assist you with your journey, RK is the person you are looking for.


Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust... and Rope!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 1, 2019

I had the fortune of watching RK and TPO’s genderfluid retelling of Peter Pan at Twisted Windows. What an absolutely delightful and unique performance combining bondage, humor, charm, and naughtiness. The chemistry between RK and TPO is palpable and they played off each other’s characters well, with lots of entertaining facial expressions and physicality. The rope work was fluid and sexy and incorporated beautifully into the narrative. I was giggling and cheering and grinning all through the performance, as were all the other spectators. Thank you for a wonderfully one-of-a-kind bondage performance — I look forward to more and highly recommend RK for anyone seeking a memorable, captivating rope performance. <3


Naughty kinky fairytale

Rated 5 out of 5
September 28, 2019

We were lucky to see TPO and RK at twisted windows, a lovely performance art event. They did a lovely, oh so naughty, rope oriented version of Peter Pan. They were captivating. They have absolutely lovely energy together, and such a great sense of humor in their performances. They moved quickly, and were very exciting to watch. The performance was so unusual, I hope to see more in the future.


Perfect for a novice!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2019

I came to RK looking for some guidance and information on rope bottoming. We started the session with a brief tour of their space and then began discussing some of the fundamentals of rope bondage. RK worked with me to negotiate what we would be doing for the day and then we moved into hands on practice. They were very communicative and reassuring, which was so appreciated. I was a bit apprehensive before hand, but left feeling very engaged, excited, and informed. RK is an incredible and alluring guide. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend! Thank you RK.




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